We have this great regional park about 5 minutes from our house that we’ve just begun exploring. In an effort to get Lily out and about in the fresh air, we started going there in early June (The 6th, to be exact.) and have been at least once or twice each week since then. When we first checked out the park map online, it showed trails, but we were never able to find them. Guess what!? We found them today! They had been there all along, but there was never a cut path leading to them.

Well, by chance, I decided to carry Lily in the Baby Bjorn today instead of using the stroller. It was such a gorgeous and cool day, so it only seemed appropriate. Little did we know it would really come in handy! I’m pretty sure that if we’d had the stroller we would have gone back for the Bjorn, but it saved us the time.

We had a blast exploring what was hidden beyond the beaten path. There are plenty of twists, turns and hills for us to discover – we spent a good bit of time back there, and still didn’t try every path! Justin pointed out lots of types of trees, and we crossed down trees, noted horseshoe prints, and heard plenty of action from the wildlife.

Justin and I are psyched, and so is Lily. Today was her first walk through the woods … her first hike. She loved it so much that she spent most of the hike sleeping in the Bjorn … ha! Of course, when we got out of the woods and continued around the park, she perked right up and looked around, taking in all the scenery.

I love exploring with Lily, teaching her new things and introducing her to this big, vast world we live in. I have no doubt this is only the beginning of a life of discovery. Guess what? We’ll take you along, too!

P.S. – Someone celebrates her 8 week birthday tomorrow. Any guesses as to who that might be? ;0)


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