sister, sister!

0703091421b Well, that girl’s thrown us for a loop again! I talked to my younger sister April on Tuesday morning. She had mentioned a doctor’s appointment, but it was nothing more than a mention. On my way home from work on Wednesday afternoon, I was talking to my mom. I mentioned that I was going to e-mail her and my sisters about having our next “girls night” when she said, “We’ll have to wait until April gets out of the hospital.” Huh? She proceeded to tell me that April had surgery the night before where they worked on a pain box (I believe.) on her side and did something to her back. (She had a lung biopsy last March, and in the process, a nerve in her back was damaged, causing her constant pain. From what I understand, the box they put in her side was to control that pain.) Turns out, her body rejected the box, so it had to be removed, along with whatever connected it to her back.

We’ll ignore the fact that not a single member of my family let me know about her surgery. My mom thought my dad told me, and my dad thought I had talked to my mom. Regardless, no one called when she was out of surgery to tell me how it went!!! I’m going to kick some butt …

0703091421 She’s getting there. Lily and I went with my parents on Friday to visit her. She’s on some serious medication and kind of loopy, so it’s difficult to understand her at times, particularly over the phone. From what we could tell, she should’ve had an awesome view of the fireworks over the Harbor!

Speaking of visiting, there were some seriously interesting people at the hospital. I’m sorry, but I absolutely love people watching, and think that a hospital is one of the best places to do so. My mom watched Lily in the lobby while my dad and I visited, and I got the pleasure of people watching in the lobby while my mom and dad visited together. 0703091441 On a humorous note, I saw a nurse who believed her scrub pants should’ve been stretch pants, a guy wearing a medallion (Don’t know what else to call it.) around his neck that was larger than a typical Hershey’s chocolate bar, a woman wearing a Ravens jersey that could have easily housed her and the three other women with her, and a nurse wearing a t-shirt that said, “I Do Men.” Cool. I listened to a guy singing to tunes on his iPod the entire time I sat with Lily. We were offered a free smoothie because someone before us ordered and then decided she didn’t have any money. I also saw a doctor who I know thought his s**t didn’t stink as well as one who carried a real old-fashioned style doctor’s bag. Sweet! Seriously, I could do this stuff all day. I love trying to figure people out! There was a husband and wife team who had clearly come from some sort of day camp because of a leg injury obtained by the wife – they were in matching t-shirts and looked like they had been working outdoors. There’s much more, but my memory is failing me at the moment.

Anyway, last I heard, she’s scheduled to come home tomorrow (Monday). They put her PICC line in on Friday, so my dad will have the awesome task of giving her all her meds and cleaning/packing her wound (Ick.). Again, as far as I know, they still haven’t closed the opening on her side, but that may have changed by now.

0703091554That girl has been through some serious stuff over the past several years and could use your thoughts and prayers. She’s simply awesome; if you need someone to be there for you, someone to listen, give advice, and have a heart, A’s your gal. She’s got a great, outgoing personality and is one of those people who truly cares about others. A, I’m thinking about you and wishing you a most speedy recovery. I’m ready for a girl’s night … so get well soon! Love you lots!!!


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