observations …

I had such fun last night watching Lily work on a new skill. Her arms have been going like crazy for a while now, and she’s made some attempts at getting her thumb to her mouth, but most have been unsuccessful. It’s so fun to watch her try, and at some point last night, I watched closely as she tried. It eventually made it there, and what she did wasn’t sucking but gnawing. So funny! Thumb was in her mouth and she’s chowing down while her other four fingers stick straight out. The second time, the rest of her hand was planted firmly on her chin while she again gnawed on her thumb. My goodness, I love this girl!

We had one of my signature creations for dinner last night – black bean & cheese hot dogs. If you like black beans, you’ve got to try this. We grill our hot dogs, and while they’re grilling, we heat the can of black beans on the grill at the same time. When both are cooked and ready to go, you simply smother your hot dog with black beans and top with cheese. They’re AWESOME! I’ll have to take pictures next time we make them – which should be within the next week or so. We eat them so often in the summer, and even sometimes in winter!

So much has been said about the passing of Michael Jackson. Everyone’s got their own opinion, but I think he was an incredibly talented man who had just a few screws loose. He’s a legend in my book. I was in Pittsburgh when I heard of the news (Thanks for your text to Michelle, Jordan!), getting ready to head into Anthony Jr.’s with Lily, Michelle and the boys for dinner. At some point during the night, Michelle mentioned that it’ll be another “I remember where I was when …” event, and she couldn’t be more right. Remember where you were when you heard about the death of Princess Diana? How about the attack on our country on 9/11/01? All of these were so shocking that you can’t help but remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. In the case of Princess Diana, I was at home at our house in Pottstown. I’ll always remember how my younger sister idolized Princess Di from that moment on. She was devastated – it was almost like she’d lost a personal friend. I was 17 at the time, and she was 13. As for 9/11, I was walking from our quad townhouse to my Painting class at Etown when Chris K. told me he’d heard about a plane crashing into the twin towers on the news. When we arrived at class, everyone was talking about it. We ended up leaving class early as the details continued to pour in, and at that point, no one knew the full extent of what had happened. I can remember almost the entire day and still feel that sinking, gut-wrenching feeling when I think about it.

P.S. – In case you live under a rock, it’s now July. Oh my, where has the first half of summer gone?


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