here we go … update

We’re home and alive – yay! Not that you needed to see pictures of my hot legs (Ha!), but here’s what we’re talking about pre- and post-scratch … eek. IMG_7705 I called my doctor’s office at 10:00 and got an appointment at 10:45, so we had to fly out of here to make it there in time. I’m having some sort of allergic reaction to something, it’s what that we don’t know. Based on the locations of my gorgeous splotches and their movement, it’s possibly related to something used in the hospital during delivery, possibly not. Anyway, I am to drug myself up on Benadryl (Sigh … I hate the stuff.) and have some high-powered cortizone cream to use. Hurray.

IMG_7707 As for Lily, we heard from Dr. Bruce, and according to him, “I wouldn’t be concerned.” Translation – stop being a paranoid first-time mom, she’s fine. Dr. Bruce, you rock! He’s very laid-back and doesn’t make you come in for every little thing; I dig it.

So we’re here and alive. I’m still wanting to claw at my skin, but am fighting the urge, for now. We’ll see how long that lasts. Guess I better hit the Benadryl soon if I really want to avoid more scratches (Ooh, too late.). This ought to be cute – me, strung out on Benadryl taking care of a 2 1/2 week old Lily. I can hardly wait to find out what the next few days will bring!


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