9-ish days …

The countdown is on, and as of today, we’re at 9-ish days! I’m ready. I’m not done and am not ready to say I’ve had enough, but I’m ready. I want to meet this new person and start our new life with her. Yeah, I know life will change drastically; if I had a quarter, or even a nickel, for every time I heard that, I’d be a millionaire by now (Oh, how I’d love to not have to come back to work!)! Is it so bizarre that both hubs and I are ready for that change?

The past few weeks have brought a few changes. I think in the first 36-ish weeks I had heartburn once. Paybacks are nice – I’ve had heartburn for at least 2 weeks straight now, and it flat out sucks. Maybe that means she will have at least SOME hair! ;0)

The shape of the bubble has gone from a basketball to something more like a watermelon standing straight up. Sometimes I think a shelf would be helpful to hold the bottom of my belly up; it’s so bizarre looking! Thank heavens, though – the girl’s dropping. Note: I can be heard in the background singing, “get low, get low, get low, get low …”

Perhaps it’s just this whole pregnancy thing that’s made me more critical, I don’t know. I’ll tell ya one thing I can’t stand – people looking at me like I’m ill. Their heads turn to the side and they get a concerned look on their faces as they ask in their most serious voice, “How are you feeling today? Are you okay?” People, do I look sickly? Do I appear as though I’m in pain? Have I complained? No! In all seriousness, I’m completely fine. Yes, I have occasional aches and pains associated with carrying a bowling ball in my gut and my feet, ankles and calves could be painted green and mistaken for Princess Fiona’s super-fly stems, but it’s nothing earth shattering. I really am great 90% of the time! It makes me want to scream. Ooh, so sorry for the rant – sheesh.

While I took a brief hiatus from working on little miss’ quilt (I just couldn’t bear the fight with the sewing machine that’s got a mind of its own – we needed a break. Crazy thing is still not working properly, but I’m dealing. I’ve become one with my seam ripper; we’re best buds thanks to the machine’s random fabric and thread snacking tendencies.), I’m pleased to say I’m back at it and almost done! The last bit of sewing should be wrapped up tonight, and at that point I can begin the tedious job of cutting to create the “rag” in the rag quilt. I’m so psyched, and pleased with how it looks so far. I’ll update with pictures soon.

We’ve gotten a few predictions as to when little miss will make her arrival, and quite honestly, they’re all fine with me (except mine)! Here’s what we’ve got so far …

Me: I think she’ll be late – my guess is Monday, 5/18.

Hubs: “How about delivering on Wednesday, May 13, hopefully game 7, Pittsburgh in Washington @ 7pm. Pittsburgh will win 3-1.” Followed by,“It gets better. If they advance it would be for their 3rd Stanley Cup. It’s only appropriate.”

Val (who I swear is psychic): ” I wanna make a small prediction………. huuummmm lets see I think baby girl will be born on 5/9 @23:00, MAYBE!!!”

Other friends: Others have pointed out things, as well … like the fact that there’s a full moon on Saturday! And another friend with that creepy intuition also has a “feeling” about this weekend.

The number game: The 7th is little miss’ aunt Michelle’s birthday, and she said she’d be happy to share! The 9th is a full moon. The 10th is a day of the month shared by many – aunt April was born on 11/10, and cousins Kannon & Magnum were born on 9/10 & 7/10. The 15th marks the one month anniversary of the loss of Grandma Rosie (Little miss will have Rose as her middle name – xoxoxo.). The 23rd is the day my grandmother was born. And I have many friends with May birthdays, as well! I know I’m forgetting things, but you get the point.

Is that enough updating for now? ;0) At this point, I’m rollin’ along with my first week of stats (1 cm, 60%, -3, anterior) and hoping to either have a person before Tuesday afternoon’s appointment or have better progress to report! Today is 38w5d – so no matter what, we’re getting fabulously close!!!

Have a great day!


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