30 weeks …

Well, it was 29w6d at yesterday’s appointment, to be exact. I think I say this after every visit, but I love hearing her heartbeat. Not only is it a huge relief, but it represents a life that’s existing in my belly right now, and that’s simply amazing!

All’s well. She measured 31 cm, which is slightly more than she should be, but it’s okay at this point. Her head is down, and according to my midwife, she should stay that way. Yeah, she better stay that way!

I passed my glucose test (Yay!), so no worries about gestational diabetes. That rocks! I also got the list of “reasons you should call” at this appointment – including contractions. I thankfully haven’t had any yet, but if I do, and have 4 to 6 in an hour, I have 3 steps to follow, the third being to call the office. Nice.

Out of curiosity, I looked to see just how much baby I’m carrying at this point – an estimated 15.71 inches!

All’s been well – seriously! I have days where I’ve got a ton of energy and some when I’m exhausted. Some days getting my shoes on is easy, and on days like today, I recruited Justin because it just wasn’t worth the stretch! I sleep fairly well probably 3 nights a week, and the other 4 are torture. Really, none of these things are anything to complain about. It’s been smooth sailing, and I’m hoping the next 10 weeks are just as easy! (Yeah, right! If I could be so lucky!)

The weather this weekend is supposed to be in the 60s and 70s, so I plan on walking at least once each day – yay! I’ve been itching to get outside, and am so looking forward to getting lots of fresh air! This rear’s been in hibernation all winter; it’s time to bring it out!

That’s all I can think of at the moment. We start our birthing classes this Monday … as long as there’s no snow like there was last week! I prefer to call them “how to hatch” classes; should be interesting! Since my mind is telling me I’ll go “au naturalle” on the big day (I’m open to other options based on how it goes, however.), I want us to be armed with as much information as possible. We’ll see how these classes go and hope they’re worthwhile.

Hopefully the weather is gorgeous where you are and you can enjoy at least a bit of sunshine! Have a great weekend!


One response to “30 weeks …

  1. Are you sure Justin is ready for those “how to hatch” classes?

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