Review: WinterTrax by Yaktrax

IMG_6651 Okay, I mentioned these in a post yesterday, and after last night and this morning’s uses, have decided to devote an entire post to reviewing them. Seriously, they’re amazing – even more amazing than before!

Officially, they’re WinterTrax by Yaktrax. They claim one size fits most, and as close as we can tell, it’s true! I wear a women’s 7 1/2 and my husband wears a men’s 12 – they work for both of us.

They’re easy to put on, take off, and transport. The pair would fit inside a sandwich bag! I used them yesterday on sneakers and this morning on a pair of flat dress shoes and they stayed on with no problems – didn’t pop off.

Best of all, they work! Our driveway has a fair slope to it. My husband wore them last night as he walked down our ice-coated driveway and then up through the backyard and didn’t slip once. I walked across the driveway and stood on solid ice – did not break through the ice – and didn’t move. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant and felt completely safe in them! I even tried to get one foot to slip – they wouldn’t budge because of the coils on the bottom!

The snow/ice combination we got, I feel, is the perfect application for them. The snow isn’t deep enough to require boots, and it’s coated in ice that’s tough enough to not break through with each step.

So far, so good! The packaging recommends pinching the coils  in certain spots to keep their shape, and we’ll check them after each storm use to make sure they’re in good shape.

I love my WinterTrax! Thanks again, Aunt Joan! These are AMAZING!


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