it’s a no snow day.

We watched the snow fall, heard the ice beat on the window panes and laughed as Cody walked across the ice-covered snow like an old man. Despite the weather, I decided to venture to work today – even though I so badly wanted to make today a quilting snow day. Luckily, Justin and I work about 20 minutes away from each other, so he brought me in on his way. It was his call to go in or work from home, and after he finished up drawings he needed to get out to a client, we started on our way.

0128090908 For Christmas this year, Aunt Joan got us these awesome traction “things” for our shoes. They’re made of flexible, stretchable plastic-type “stuff,” and the bottom sections are wrapped in metal to provide traction on the ice. Both Justin and I wore them today, and we love them! Today was the perfect day for them – ice-coated snow that was not too deep. Both Justin and I have boots (Justin has a ton!), but sometimes this is just easier. Wearing boots feels bulky to me, and with this new pregnancy balance (Or lack of!), today was just not the day for boots. Also, I go crazy wearing boots all day, so I usually have to bring sneakers or other shoes to work. Not today! These are GREAT! I’ll have to update with the real name of them when I get home. Thanks, Aunt Joan! They are SO handy!

IMG_6638 So what would I have done if I had stayed home today? Quilting! Last night, I finished cutting the remaining 4 fabrics. This morning while I waited for Justin to finish up his drawings, I cut all 4 yards of fleece and started making my square “sandwiches.” Now that the cutting is done, the rest is easy! IMG_6639 Next steps are to finish up the “sandwiches,” decide which color thread I will use (white, brown or both), get the sewing machine threaded with the proper color, and start sewing squares! I’m so psyched to get started – it’s ridiculous. I figured out the pattern last night, as well. As there are several similar colors, patterns and themes, it took half an hour or so to come up with something I liked. Luckily, it worked out!

IMG_6633 Speaking of fabric, I think I may have found curtain material for girlfriend’s room – I’m in love with this fabric and am waiting for a coupon so I can go and buy the rest of what Jo-Ann has. Seriously, I’d make anything out of this! I’ve tried finding it online, but it’s not on Jo-Ann’s website and I don’t know the brand. Argh. So … after the quilt comes curtains! Can’t say I’ve ever made them before, either, but I’m crafty and up for the challenge of something new!

Do you enjoy this weather, or would you rather migrate for the winter to somewhere warmer? We really don’t get anything that bad here, so I guess I’m okay with it. If I had a choice, though, I’d be outta here! If it’s snowy or icy where you are, stay safe! And if not … I’m jealous! Can I come visit?

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