My husband was blessed with a 4-day weekend which formally wraps up today. While some wives might worry about what their husbands do with a day off, I never even give it a second thought. Yesterday, he finished pulling up the carpet in the soon to be nursery and layed most of the plywood that will serve as the foundation for the hardwood floor. Rock on. I had no idea this was his plan, and I was delightfully surprised when I arrived home last night.

0120090951 This morning, I again was unsure of what he had planned. I must say that I’m completely surprised again! He just sent me a picture of what was once our laundry area, and most of it is now gone! It’s in the nursery, and has some structural issues. This is the only room in our house that we haven’t finished, so it’s a bit of a switch to go back to the major renovations. The laundry area was given to us in okay condition; functional, but not square and not designed to its potential. It now must be overhauled in order to work on the floor for girlfriend’s room. Looks like it’s got a good start to its overhaul!

0120091043 Think I’ll paint it pink again? Depends on what color we choose for girlfriend’s room, but I’ve always loved (and still love) my pink laundry room!

Eek, I’m back 5 minutes later with this second picture … woohoo!


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