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Just this morning, I got a confirmation e-mail from the hospital letting me know that the Monday section of the “prepared childbirth” class we’ve selected is available. While this may seem like a simple confirmation, reading it evoked some unexpected emotions, including the shocking realization that we are soon going to be parents. Sure, I’ve thought about it. I’ve pondered the sleepless nights, sacrifice, and responsibility. It’s just never made a lot of sense. Even as I think about it now, I’m certain it won’t make a bit of sense until she’s here and it all starts happening. Still, I feel like we are suddenly one step closer.


This CPSIA stuff is crazy – just ask the 19,025 folks (At this very moment – I’m sure it’s more by the time you read this.) who are supporting the Handmade Toy Alliance. Though I don’t personally sell anything that falls under this proposed law, I know plenty of great people who do. Check out the details of this site, which has more information on the law, including how you can help by signing a petition and/or writing to your congress person and senator. Help save those who create (the best!) unique and treasured handmade items for children!


A friend asked this weekend how big our little bubble is, and to be honest, I had no idea! I guessed 12 inches, but we then rationalized that she couldn’t be that long yet. Turns out we were right, and as of now she’s about 8 inches long! In case you’re wondering how much she weighs, she’s just over one pound. Cool! Apparently, her weight should double in the next month, so she’ll be closer to 2+ lbs. by mid-February.


0119091317 The hunt for girlfriend’s bedding has left me frustrated. Instead of driving myself crazy with trying to match bedding to the area rug for girlfriend’s room, I’ve decided to just make her quilt myself and buy basic coordinating pieces. Don’t panic; though I’ve never made a formal “ends tucked in and all neat and tidy” type quilt before, I’ve done a rag quilt and am no stranger to a sewing machine. In fact, I might end up making girlfriend a rag quilt, though I haven’t decided for sure yet. The problem I’m having with manufactured bedding is color. The rug is brown with accents in bright colors – orange, teal, bright pink, green, raspberry, blue. It’s got a retro look, so it’s unique. Most of the bedding I’m finding is either pastel pink, which I just don’t want, or is so much pink that it wouldn’t coordinate well. I’ll keep you posted on my progress; so far, I’ve started buying fabric in fun colors and patterns – woohoo!


I have so many other things to share, but am lacking the time right now. I’ll have to fill you in later. Until then, have a great day!!!


One response to “bits & pieces

  1. Beck (Romig) Kallestad

    Hi Mindy!! Congrats on the little that’s growing inside! There will be BIG changes! It is SO great that you are doing this blog!! I wish that I had kept a journal or something… you forget so much! It will be great to look back and for her to see this all!
    So, about your sewing project….
    Your fabric is GREAT!!! There are some easy quilt designs in the books by Pat Sloan. They’re called I can’t believe i’m quilting and something about quilting beyond the basics.. My cousin and i are doing the same quilt at the same time (with different fabric) out of one of the books!!Good for you!!! Enjoy the process!
    I look forward to seeing the final project!! Good luck and CONGRATS!!!

    P.S… I am sorry about that “terrible” black and gold affliction that you are cursed with right now! :o)
    (I went to Duquesne)

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