no update …

This is the most ridiculous mess. Justin called his doctor’s office, and now his doctor is out for the day. The lab report is on her desk to be read tomorrow morning. According to the person on the phone, the doctor will call tomorrow morning after reading the report. We’ll see.

Unbelievable. As Justin says, “How hard is it?”

So … no update!

P.S. – If you want the name of a doctor’s office to avoid in Sykesville/Eldersburg, I’ve got one for ya! This woman and her staff are complete idiots! Should I anger myself and recap? Why not!

  • I found out I am a carrier for CF. Midwife instructed me to have husband call his doctor so she could order the test – best for insurance purposes.
  • Husband goes to his appointment and requests CF blood test. Doctor argues; tells him she thinks I should just have an amnio because at this point, the baby either has or does not have CF. Think about it … invasive procedure that could cause miscarriage or simple blood test? No comment.
  • Husband has blood test done on Friday, November 28th.
  • Husband calls for results the week of December 15th. Discovers they’ve not only lost his paper file, but have no record of him under his date of birth. Results are not yet available and are being mailed.
  • Husband calls for results the week of January 12th. Results are not available (Remember, they’ve lost his paper file, so they have no where to put anything that is received.), but they will call Labcorp to have them fax and will call back w/in 10-15 minutes.
  • An hour and a half passes with no answer. Husband calls and gets voicemail stating that office hours on Monday are from 11-7 with lunch from 2-3. It’s just after 4. A personal visit to the office reveals that they’re closed for the day.
  • Husband calls the following day just before noon. Doctor is out for the day; results are on her desk and will be read the following morning. Office staff states doctor call after reading the report. (I won’t hold my breath.)
  • Note: As of today, it’s been 6 1/2 weeks!! I’ve been to one prenatal appointment since this whole process began, and have another one tomorrow afternoon. It sure would be nice to have results for this one so we can move forward!
  • Note: I can’t get involved because they don’t have a copy of his HIPAA paperwork on which I’m listed as an authorized party. (That’s probably a good thing for them because I’m pissed.)

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