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Review: WinterTrax by Yaktrax

IMG_6651 Okay, I mentioned these in a post yesterday, and after last night and this morning’s uses, have decided to devote an entire post to reviewing them. Seriously, they’re amazing – even more amazing than before!

Officially, they’re WinterTrax by Yaktrax. They claim one size fits most, and as close as we can tell, it’s true! I wear a women’s 7 1/2 and my husband wears a men’s 12 – they work for both of us.

They’re easy to put on, take off, and transport. The pair would fit inside a sandwich bag! I used them yesterday on sneakers and this morning on a pair of flat dress shoes and they stayed on with no problems – didn’t pop off.

Best of all, they work! Our driveway has a fair slope to it. My husband wore them last night as he walked down our ice-coated driveway and then up through the backyard and didn’t slip once. I walked across the driveway and stood on solid ice – did not break through the ice – and didn’t move. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant and felt completely safe in them! I even tried to get one foot to slip – they wouldn’t budge because of the coils on the bottom!

The snow/ice combination we got, I feel, is the perfect application for them. The snow isn’t deep enough to require boots, and it’s coated in ice that’s tough enough to not break through with each step.

So far, so good! The packaging recommends pinching the coils  in certain spots to keep their shape, and we’ll check them after each storm use to make sure they’re in good shape.

I love my WinterTrax! Thanks again, Aunt Joan! These are AMAZING!


miscellaneous things …

* Updated 03/02/09 *

I’m in the process of creating our little person’s baby registry. While this might sound like fun, it’s actually quite a challenge. Unlike a wedding registry, which contains items with which you’re already experienced in using, a baby registry is completely new territory. There are huge, life-altering changes to be made. For example, what type of bottles will we use? Is a wipe warmer really necessary? What type of bath tub/seat will we prefer? How many diapers can this girl really go through in a day? Which stroller will best suit our needs? Yeah, all of this and more is completely new territory for first-timers. And while I’ve gotten some awesome advice from people who have been there before, no one can completely take away the anxiety of this whole process. Aside from that, everyone’s got their own opinions, so it’s hard to know exactly what to do.

Another issue I’ve run into is the lack of variety at the big superstores. I’ve registered at Babies “R” Us and Target, but both of those places have their limits. I enjoy off-the-wall, unique items, and neither retailer is notoriously known for their creative offerings.

That being said, I’m compiling here a list of unique things I stumble across that are of interest to me. At some point in the very near future I’ll need to decide what I want to purchase and what I’ll forgo as I’ll need to remove items from my registries (That is, when I finish them. It’s a work in progress right now.). For now, I just don’t want to lose any of these unique things as they’re just too cool to let slip!

If you’re in the market for baby supplies as well, perhaps some of these will be of interest to you!

  • Kuster jelly baby changing mat – The manufacturers of this awesome looking mat claim that the surface stays warm, is soft and is easy to wipe clean. It’s so cute!
  • Handmade bunnies created from upcycled sweaters – How adorable are these guys?
  • Expedit bookcase – Okay, I know this is simple, but I don’t want to forget that I’ve always loved the design of this bookcase. It’s functional and easier to keep organized than traditional bookcases.
  • Piggy banks – These are, in my opinion, ridiculously expensive, but absolutely adorable! Be sure to check out the aqua elephant, as well!
  • Wonder bumpers – So cool, and cute too!
  • Billy Bob pacifiers – OMG, these are SO funny! Don’t panic; I wouldn’t actually use this but for situations in which humor is necessary.
  • Diaper bag organizers – How fun are these!? I can be a bit OCD about organization with certain things, so this just might have to make its way to my house before girlfriend arrives!
  • Beaba Babycook – Wow, this thing does it ALL! I don’t know how much I adore the price tag, but it certainly is an all-in-one!
  • BUILT changing pad – BUILT creates great products, and I’m sure these changing pads are just as exciting!
  • Baby Tooth album – I won’t be needing this for a while, but for some of you, this could be perfect timing! This is for those memory-keepers and organization fanatics out there. Neat!
  • The Bundle – This is a cool way to keep all things necessary handy. I like it’s design, and think it would be totally practical as a mom travel bag after baby has grown out of diapers!
  • Patemm changing pads – I’ve loved these forever; they’re cute, round changing pads!
  • Cloud B cuddle cub – He’s got a heartbeat and also vibrates to soothe baby to sleep.
  • Jax storage solutions – These are cute! I love the toy cube and storage tower.
  • PB lollipop wall decals – These vinyl decals are a great way to add some color to any girl’s nursery – and they’re fun!
  • Sock Ons – A cute and clever way to keep baby’s socks on. Here’s another link with some more info.
  • ZoLi on-the-go dispenser – I love locking containers, so this only feeds my obsession. Organization at its finest!
  • Due for delivery shirt – I’m normally not into things like this, but I thought this was cute. Now if only mine could also say, “No, we do not yet have a name.” Ha!
  • Tiny Tales baby notes – This is great for people like me – I start projects and never finish them. With this, I’d have no excuse; this kit is not at all overwhelming and keeps everything organized for you!
  • Wearable baby announcements – So cute! Onesies printed with baby’s birth stats. A pic makes a great birth announcement, and the onesie is a great keepsake for the future.
  • Travel wipe cases – These are ADORABLE!
  • Inchbug labels – These are the ultimate in organization. They are available in one line of text or two, and can ensure your child’s cups never get confused!
  • Think King stroller hooks & cup holders – I’m planning on using a Maclaren, so I’m going to need some sort of organization. These are simple and perfect!
  • Noted puppets – These little guys are adorable!
  • Food Face plate – Remember the magnetic man? The cardboard and plastic with the pieces of metal inside? Now you can play with food in the same fashion!
  • Food trays – Great stackable trays that can be filled with countless food options for baby.
  • How well do you know your wood? – I love these. Maybe it’s because we’ve encountered so many of them in renovating our 100+ year old farm house … or maybe I’m just strange. Who knows.

Alright, I’m also finding that in addition to cool products, I also have collected some fun websites. Nothing in particular here, but if you’re looking for some unique products, this is a pretty cool start!

  • Spiffy Baby – very unique baby items … wide variety of products
  • Goore’s – west coast retailer with the standard as well as unique
  • The Organized Parent – everything you could imagine to stay organized
  • Quilts Just 4 Kids – adorable quilts for a unique look
  • Tiny Prints – birth announcements, invitations, stationary
  • 5 Star Baby – birth announcements that look like movie posters
  • Cheeky Monkey – unique maternity, baby & toddler products
  • Kool Roomz – interesting furniture & decor
  • Boon – manufacture innovative products with unique designs
  • Genius Jones – Florida retailer with unique baby solutions
  • Muddy Cloud – hats, mittens and unique “critters”
  • Perpetual Kid – fun things for the kid in all of us

quilt …


The quilt, in image form. I’ll update with real pics once I get started, but this is the sequence I’ll follow. Now I just have to get this thing started – for real!!

it’s a no snow day.

We watched the snow fall, heard the ice beat on the window panes and laughed as Cody walked across the ice-covered snow like an old man. Despite the weather, I decided to venture to work today – even though I so badly wanted to make today a quilting snow day. Luckily, Justin and I work about 20 minutes away from each other, so he brought me in on his way. It was his call to go in or work from home, and after he finished up drawings he needed to get out to a client, we started on our way.

0128090908 For Christmas this year, Aunt Joan got us these awesome traction “things” for our shoes. They’re made of flexible, stretchable plastic-type “stuff,” and the bottom sections are wrapped in metal to provide traction on the ice. Both Justin and I wore them today, and we love them! Today was the perfect day for them – ice-coated snow that was not too deep. Both Justin and I have boots (Justin has a ton!), but sometimes this is just easier. Wearing boots feels bulky to me, and with this new pregnancy balance (Or lack of!), today was just not the day for boots. Also, I go crazy wearing boots all day, so I usually have to bring sneakers or other shoes to work. Not today! These are GREAT! I’ll have to update with the real name of them when I get home. Thanks, Aunt Joan! They are SO handy!

IMG_6638 So what would I have done if I had stayed home today? Quilting! Last night, I finished cutting the remaining 4 fabrics. This morning while I waited for Justin to finish up his drawings, I cut all 4 yards of fleece and started making my square “sandwiches.” Now that the cutting is done, the rest is easy! IMG_6639 Next steps are to finish up the “sandwiches,” decide which color thread I will use (white, brown or both), get the sewing machine threaded with the proper color, and start sewing squares! I’m so psyched to get started – it’s ridiculous. I figured out the pattern last night, as well. As there are several similar colors, patterns and themes, it took half an hour or so to come up with something I liked. Luckily, it worked out!

IMG_6633 Speaking of fabric, I think I may have found curtain material for girlfriend’s room – I’m in love with this fabric and am waiting for a coupon so I can go and buy the rest of what Jo-Ann has. Seriously, I’d make anything out of this! I’ve tried finding it online, but it’s not on Jo-Ann’s website and I don’t know the brand. Argh. So … after the quilt comes curtains! Can’t say I’ve ever made them before, either, but I’m crafty and up for the challenge of something new!

Do you enjoy this weather, or would you rather migrate for the winter to somewhere warmer? We really don’t get anything that bad here, so I guess I’m okay with it. If I had a choice, though, I’d be outta here! If it’s snowy or icy where you are, stay safe! And if not … I’m jealous! Can I come visit?

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burning questions …

It seems to be the #1 question people have been asking – “Do you have a name yet?” It’s typically followed by, “Do you have a theme picked out yet?”

So … I’ll kind-of answer both. If you know the name we’ve been thinking about, it’ll be the password for the next post which will contain our current list of name options. I’m not sold on the name we were originally thinking, so options are very open at this point.

rug Now, the theme. I’m a bright, colorful type person with an apparent phobia of pastel colors. Okay, I’m not being serious, but I couldn’t bring myself to do the baby pink thing. So … we’ve chosen a funky area rug that’s got a retro feel to it, and all else will be designed around the colors in this rug. It will probably end up being a mix of dots, stripes and retro-type rectangles. IMG_6618 I’m making the quilt for her bed, which is also in funky colors and patterns. So far I’ve found 6 fabrics, and I’m on a mission to find four more – one of which will also be what we use for her curtains.

Got any other burning questions? I’m trying to think of what else I’ve been asked. Oh, cravings! Oranges and cold fruit. I can roll through oranges like it’s nobody’s business. Otherwise, though, I’ve been my usual self – thankfully!

On that note, happy Friday to you! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask!

morse code, perhaps?

I’ve got to figure out the code. Okay, just kidding, but girlfriend and I were having our own mini-conversation this morning.

I had just gotten settled in at work and was going through e-mails when I felt her moving in the upper right corner of her “home.” She’s been low thus far, and this morning’s acrobatics were the first I’d experienced up high. For five minutes or so, she continued to move around, making her presence known both up high in the corner and down low, where she normally is. Girlfriend must have been stretched out! I watched from the best seat in the house for as long as she continued, and when the show was over, I took a moment to think about what had just happened. I’ve seen her moving around before, but it’s been difficult to see over the constantly growing bump, so I hadn’t gotten a real clear view. This was perfect, and it was like she was doing it just for me. I wanted to tell her, “Hi, my girl! I can’t wait to meet you!”

Life is amazing. There’s a person growing inside me; a person that started from a collection of tiny, microscopic cells. It’s surreal.

Yep, I’m enjoying being 24 weeks pregnant. 🙂