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I try my best to keep up with a mix of more than 50 blogs. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but I can often skim and find posts that relate or pique my interest at the time and catch up on the others later. If you’re asking yourself what on earth I’m reading, it’s a mix of things: blogs kept by friends and family, marketing, photography, pregnancy, food, creativity, news, scuba, crafts, religion … a truly eclectic mix.

Just a few minutes ago, I was perusing my RSS updates for today (I use NetNewsWire by NewsGator.), and came across something that so perfectly fits what’s about to happen on Thursday night that it’s chilling. The post was from “Oh Joy!,” a blog I follow for creative inspiration and unique ideas. Today’s post featured the work of Yulia Brodskaya, a Russian artist and graphic designer who currently resides in London. Her work has a softness to it that I love, and her paper graphics are awesome! One such paper graphic was featured in today’s Oh Joy! post, and I want to share it with you.

tell Yulia, I couldn’t agree more. The magic IS in the telling, hence the reason I’ve made such a huge deal about revealing the gender of this baby. I know it’s something simple to so many people, but to me, it’s magical. For starters, I love surprises and am rarely ever surprised. This is one of the greatest opportunities of all to give myself the surprise of a lifetime in a grand, bold way. Second, life has so few amazing moments. Why not take opportunities to celebrate the “small” things along the way? Finally, I am getting so much enjoyment out of watching people who want to know squirm!

Believe me, it is killing me to know that the answer is sealed in that envelope and could be just moments away. But the thought of opening it with our families far outweighs the frustration of this suspense. Our family members will have the joy of seeing our faces when Justin and I open it, and we’ll have the pleasure of seeing theirs … once we finally decide to show them! (Hope you didn’t think we were just going to tell the second we read it! Ha ha ha!)

I don’t want the memory of us finding out whether this baby is a boy or girl to be in a hospital looking at the sonogram screen. I don’t want to tell our parents and siblings over the phone. Instead, we’ll make a special memory out of this, complete with laughs, maybe tears, and plenty of photos!

The more I talk about it, the more excited I get! Aaah! I can’t wait for Christmas night, when the magic will truly be in the telling.


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