it’s a …

… YEAH RIGHT! I don’t think so! You should be ashamed of yourself, thinking that (1) I know the gender, and (2) I’d tell so easily!

As you may know, we had our detailed anatomy sonogram yesterday morning at 9 am. Justin and I arrived at the hospital around 8:45 and as we walked in, were amused by the sound of jackhammers pounding away on the building. Seriously? Anyway, we made our way up to the second floor, where the Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine is located. After registration and the donning of a snazzy hospital wristband, we waited in the Labor & Delivery waiting room until they were ready for us. There were two families there; one gal had been in since 8:00 the previous evening, the other was prepped and ready for a c-section at 9:00 am. As we waited, it was fun to listen to their conversations about the babies on the way! (Note: It was also creepy to think of our families sitting there waiting for me to hatch. Everyone’s out there all cool and casual while these women are going through some serious stress and pain! Gee, I can hardly wait until May! Ha ha!)

18w4d_profile We only waited 15 minutes or so; good thing, because Justin was falling asleep and I wasn’t far behind him! To kick things off, our sonographer was looking at the baby’s internal organs … stomach and kidneys. I can’t remember in what order everything came, but we saw the shins, femur, and both sections of the arms. Both the feet and hands were cool, as was the spine. The four chambers of the heart were easy to see, and were particularly cool when she showed the blood pumping through using doppler. The brain was also fun to look at. We saw both a profile of the face and looked at it straight on (Pictures included!). As we looked at the profile, the baby put its thumb to the mouth, but couldn’t quite get it in! We then saw the mouth open and close, followed by him/her trying to get that thumb in again! It was awesome! She looked at lots of other things, too, like cross-sections of the vertebrae and the all important piece of “anatomy!” No, neither of us caught it, so we’re still in suspense!

18w4d_straight_on At this point, our little bubble weighs 9 oz. and its heart is beating at 153 bpm. End result: all looked good, with nothing indicating any sort of detectable defects. We talked to Dr. Neale about everything before heading out.

Later yesterday afternoon, I had my usual appointment with one of the midwives. I really liked the midwife I met yesterday; she’s very down-to-earth and friendly. Her guess as to the gender? Though it’s not scientific, based on the baby’s heart rate that was in the 150’s that afternoon, she’s guessing it’s a girl! BTW, I love hearing that sound!

So, as of now, all’s well! The bubble is on target as far as growth is concerned, and all looks good. Now, if only I could get rid of the death cold, I’d be alright! Today is day 12 of this thing and I have had e-n-o-u-g-h! Luckily, I think I’m ready to make the move back to bed at night and can stop sleeping on the couch. We’ll see how that goes tonight!

Stay tuned for the big gender announcement, coming to you shortly! We’re opening it Christmas night, so if you want to call or text, we’ll gladly fill you in!

Lots of love!

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