today’s birthday wishes!

On this day 25 years ago, my little sis April was born. These days, she’s better known as A. She’s got a heart of gold, and will often get emotional after seeing someone in need. Oddly enough, she hasn’t had it so easy herself, battling both a disorder and an illness that each wear on the body and mind in their own ways.

Growing up together was fun … well, mostly. 😉 A, the time that you bit me on the back because I wouldn’t go down the slide will never be forgotten. Thanks; I still have issues with trust. Seriously though, we made many great memories. Remember the Lion King soundtrack and swing set? And it was amazing how our bikes were transformed into school buses, and the garage or basement into classrooms! Funny, the basement was also the grocery store, our houses, and a dance studio. Oh, and how cool were snow days when we went with dad to the office? I’m sure they were all wondering what happened to their colored paper and hot chocolate the next day! We had our fair share of pool parties, and I always loved mom’s ice cream cone cupcakes. How about our twirling days, too? The very first thing I think of is the beautiful blue eyeshadow and magenta lipstick; so hot! 🙂 Patti-O’s will always be a part of us! (Hmm, maybe you a bit more than me because I used to – and still do – swear you wanted to be just like Patti when you grew up!) I love that we got to celebrate your HS graduation and my college graduation at the same time; though neither of us really felt like we were celebrating at “home.” Oh, and I know this is something that we share with Alli, too … all I need to say is, “We are the champions!” That night rocked – literally!

I guess that’s enough embarrassment for one year, though I would love to keep going! A, I wish you a beautiful birthday, and a year of happiness. Although you may not believe it at times, I will and do always love you.

P.S. – I’m still waiting on my stinkin’ jaguar suit. When are you going to get it? It’s been years, b!tch! 😉



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