the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 4 ~.:|:.

I keep forgetting to write about this; how, I don’t know. It was one of the most amazing and hilarious things I’d ever seen.

IMG_6234 Our Four-Legged Houdini

Let me first begin with some background. I usually get home before Justin, and with a husky in the house, every day is an adventure. While he’s usually good, on days that we slack or he’s bored, we pay. If we leave the trash where he can get it, he has a field day. If he smells gum, it’s all over. And if he’s looking for something to do, he usually tries to eat a book or magazine. (Note to self: teach him to read.) Needless to say, walking into the house after being gone for 11-12 hours can be interesting.

IMG_6230 On this particular fall afternoon, I noticed something in the front room, but instead of checking it out as I normally do, I decided to take Cody out first. When I came back in, I couldn’t believe what I saw. In the middle of the area rug in our front living room was a bottle of cranberry juice. Scared yet? Don’t be; it’s amazing. The bottle was upright, and about 4 inches away was the lid. After further inspection, there was not a drop of cranberry juice on the floor, yet he’d managed to suck about 2 inches of juice from the bottle. Seriously! I had to think, because I was seriously afraid someone had done this as a trick or practical joke.

IMG_6235 Remember, not only did he manage to drag this ridiculously heavy bottle from the kitchen, he opened it and drank a good bit without spilling a drop. It’s one for the record books. I can only imagine the mess had the bottle tipped over!

This reminds me of another similar episode about 4 years ago. Justin and I had returned from our honeymoon and brought back a bottle of Jamaican rum for my sister who was about to turn 21. Guess who managed to put a hole in the cap on the bottle of rum to have a drink? Yep, that would be our lovely husky Cody!


2 responses to “the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 4 ~.:|:.

  1. Huskies are amazing!!! I have 2 myself.

    • They sure are! Your blog is absolutely hilarious – so many of the things you talk about happen in our house, too! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!!

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