you’ll want one, too!

OMG, check this out! At the FAO Schwarz website, you can build your own Muppets Whatnot! I am going crazy here! If I could choose a favorite, I’d show you what I came up with, but I change mine like every 5 seconds! (Nevermind, here are three of my latest creations …)


Too bad they’re $90.00 … I’d be seriously tempted to buy one if I didn’t have Christmas shopping on my mind!

Have fun designing your own! 🙂 So stinkin’ cute!!!

2 responses to “you’ll want one, too!

  1. If you’re interested in seeing some photos from the FAO Fifth Avenue Muppet Whatnot Workshop as well as the experience of designing and creating one, check out

  2. Thanks, Brad! That makes me want to go to FAO & build one in person instead of designing my Whatnot online. It looks like SO much fun! 🙂

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