that is the question.

With my new “condition” (As some idiots like to call it.), I tend to have a bit more downtime than I’m used to, and this time, as of late, has been spent primarily on the couch. I’m just not the sitting type, but with no choice, I figured it may be time for a new hobby. I know what you’re thinking. I know. I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. Well guess what? I’m doing it anyway!

Now, to crochet or knit; that is the question. So I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet and/or knit, but could never get myself to sit for long enough to really get into it. Now, the timing seems just right.

So which shall I choose? I started asking around and checking in with my good friend google in an attempt to discover which is better. As it turns out, people are quite defensive about which they choose and there seems to be a strong bitterness between the two communities. Whatever, I don’t really care. After sifting through tons of websites and talking to a few friends, I’ve compiled a list of several pros and cons to each. Let’s investigate further:

Crocheting …

  • Uses one hook, so for the uncoordinated, it’s easier. (+1)
  • Easier to correct mistakes. (+1)
  • Easier to start & stop. (+1)
  • Known to be more creative, visual and intuitive. (+1)
  • More mindless than knitting, which is good for an airhead like myself. (+1)
  • Faster results = instant gratification. (+1)
  • Uses more yarn = less economical. (-1)
  • Holds shape better. (+1)
  • Chunkier. (neither a plus nor a minus … depends on the project)
  • Has texture. (neither a plus nor a minus … depends on the project)

Knitting …

  • 2 needles = more complicated. (-1)
  • More difficult to correct mistakes. (-1)
  • Mount Airy has a store called “Knittin’ Chicks,” not “Crochetin’ Chicks.” (+1)
  • More structured, rhythmic, pattern-based, which just aren’t in my vocabulary. (-1)
  • Uses less yarn = more economical. (+1)
  • Smoother. (neither a plus nor a minus … depends on the project)
  • Stretchier. (neither a plus nor a minus … depends on the project)
  • Thinner. (-1)

My final conclusion is that I’d like to learn both. Maybe I’ll decide that I like one better than the other after learning them both, or maybe I’ll use each as they’re best suited. Based on the above, I think I’ll start with crocheting and go from there.

Any guesses as to where I’ll be headed for lunch today? Michael’s!


2 responses to “that is the question.

  1. Your “condition” hehe!

    I would go with crocheting – I think it’s easier and quicker and you can do all kinds of different stictches. I used to know how to do one stitch but of course I don’t remember it now.


  2. Good choice, because that’s what I chose just minutes ago! I just returned from Michael’s where I got all I think I’ll need for now – get ready for some gray & kelly green dishcloths! I almost bought stuff for both crocheting AND knitting, but (1) realized that was a crazy and wasteful idea, and (2) noticed that there’s much more “stuff” needed for knitting! We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice!

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