jumbled thoughts …

(1) I need to rename the blog. It’s been on my mind since I first started it, and it’s beginning to drive me crazy. Goal date: 1 week. Some ideas …

  • “orange fusion”
  • “the juice”
  • something with one of the following words: “accoutrement,” “agrestic,” “audacious,” “boondoggle,” “fantods,” “friable” … and wordpress deleted the rest by kicking me out of my account. Well, p!ss on it; I already came up with something, anyway. I might be tweaking it for a while, but it beats, “my time capsule” any day!

(2) I’ve got to get motivated about finishing my thesis. I don’t want to do it, but I DO want to graduate and get as far away from the “do it our way or hit the highway” institution as quickly as possible. Goal date to contact my advisor: this Friday, slacker.

(3) I love to stumble across new blogs. Some of these blogs are so relevant to me and my interests that I don’t know how I survived without them!

(4) Christmas is 71 days away. Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you, but knowledge is power, people. Use it! Goal: have shopping completed by Friday, December 5th.

badges (5) I find presidential campaign strategy so completely intriguing. The decisions by campaign personnel are at times so strange and random. While I refuse to get into my political choosings here, rest assured that this random thought pertains to both parties. Goal: figure out a way to vote, between work and school! (Don’t worry, I will be voting. It’s just a matter of logistics, that’s all!)

(6) I despise nosy people. Even better are nosy people who only hunt for your personal information to better themselves. I’m sorry, but I truly wish these nosy types would cease to exist. To counter their efforts, I go into lockdown mode and challenge them with my favorite phrase, “Game on!”

(7) I am going to have a t-shirt made that will say, “No, I am not okay.” I’m tired of answering the question and looking at people’s frowning faces as they wait for me to say something else. What do you want me to say, people? I feel like sh!t, and I don’t want to tell you about it again, especially when you ask every day! P!ss off! (Sorry, that was a rant.) Goal: seriously have this shirt made! Or, even better … make it myself! I think I will, thank you!

(8) I need to take more time for my creative endeavors. No, smart alecks, I probably don’t have time to give, but I’m a grown-up and can probably figure something out. I used to paint. I had passion. I enjoyed design and being creative. Where did that all go? Hmpf, I think it’s called life.

(9) Here are some of my favorite things:


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