i want to dive … now!

I had to choose Bob Marley to kick off my morning. What a ridiculous idea. This is what happens …

To go so long without diving SUCKS.

IMG_5123 Today, I’m sad that I won’t be diving until at least June, and even that’s pushing it. I’m sad that my sister will be doing her dive training in November and her certification dives in Grand Cayman in either January or February and I won’t be able to share her excitement with her. Don’t worry … I’ll be going, but I won’t be with her underwater. I’ll be the lone soul at the surface, snorkeling with total jealousy, while my dive friends go to great depths and check out beautiful coral formations and gorgeous tropical fish. Woohoo for me.

Once I’m back in the underwater world, I’ll have lots to do. My dad and I did our course work for wreck certification on July 27th, so I have until that day in ’09 to wrap that up. I also did my coursework for rescue certification in late August, so that’ll have to be done at the same time in July in order to meet the approaching 1 year deadline.

Until then, I’ll have to keep listening to Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, Sister Nancy, The Tamlins, and my other “dive music” friends to keep me happy and focused. I will be back in the water. I will.

Bah humbug, bubble. Bah humbug.


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