how’s it going?

Do ya really wanna know? Here’s a look at the last few days on a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (great) …

  • Saturday – 8 … tired, but feelin’ pretty good.
  • Sunday – 7 … sick from time to time and tired, but generally okay. Car rides = no fun.
  • Monday – 5 … moderately nauseous all the time.
  • Tuesday – 5 … moderately nauseous all the time.
  • Wednesday – 2 … severely nauseous. Miserable. To move, eat, drink, and speak took serious effort and made me feel much, much worse. My quote for the day was, “There had better be two in there, because I will not do this again.”
  • Today (so far) – 6.5 or 7 … mildly nauseous constantly and a bit more from time to time, but I can handle this!

I’ve determined my threshold. I can handle, on a fairly continuous basis, a level 5, and maybe even a few 4s. If I have many more days like yesterday, I will be calling to see if there’s anything I can take. For today, I’m rockin’ feeling okay! I did some praying before bed, and asked my husband to do the same; seems it worked!

I’m cool with the tiredness, although I really haven’t been tired since Sunday. No naps necessary this week – yay! I go to bed around 9 and I’m cool the next day. Of course, after yesterday, I’ll take anything but that. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that bad, and I don’t wish that on anyone. Note – I will be napping today; the Grey’s Anatomy 2 hour season premiere starts tonight at 9:00! An 11:00 bedtime will be rough!

Who said pregnancy was fun??? At this point, I have to disagree! ;0)


2 responses to “how’s it going?

  1. Argh – fading fast. I’m at about a 5 right now.

  2. Aunt Chelle

    It is fun…you’ll see. This is the worst of it.

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