taste test #2 … chicken nuggets

IMG_6201 My latest “thing” is chicken nuggets. Don’t ask. Now I do make my own, but with limited time and energy, it’s necessary to head over to the freezer section. This evening, I was on a mission to find out which is better in the match-up between Tyson and Weaver. Here’s how they look on paper …

Tyson Weaver
serving size 5 pieces (91 g) 4 pieces (75 g)
calories 280 220
fat 18 grams 15 grams
trans fat 0 g 0 g
price per 2 lb. bag $7.99 $7.99

IMG_6205 So, how’d they do by sight and taste? The Tyson nuggets have more visible seasoning. They are also more “pressed” and not as round as their Weaver counterparts. The Weaver chicken nuggets had a saltier taste.

My vote … Tyson. Justin’s vote … Weaver. Guess we’ll be buying both in the future!

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