b … g …

There’s been some discussion lately about whether the bubble is a boy or girl. Of course, it already knows which it is, but we don’t! Believe me, I truly have no preference. Both are fun for different reasons, and either will be an absolute blessing to me. I’m not sure about Justin’s opinion, but I have a feeling it’s the same. Our families have interesting histories, with my parents side being all girls, and Justin’s side having all boys.

So … why do you love your boy(s) or girl(s)? What makes their gender special and unique? I know there aren’t many of you reading this as I post yet, but once the posts go live (I’m thinking @ 12 weeks.), feel free to chime in then, too.

My thoughts … Girls are much more fun to dress, with cooler clothes. However, they can be very worrisome as teenagers. And oh, the attitude and drama! Boys, on the other hand, play cool sports and like doing fun boy things – fishing and helping daddy. Though there can be less drama, they can be more hard headed than girls.

What’s your take?


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