uh oh, SpaghettiOs®

Oh, my sweet SpaghettiOs. We’ve been apart for far too long. I’ll be frank; I had forgotten about you. But fear not, you’re still close to my heart.

IMG_5113 In a meeting this morning, we got on the subject of this delightful delicacy. Okay, so in truth, I was the only one that finds them to be a delicacy, but my enthusiasm was enough for all of us. The meeting ended around 11, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to get in my car at that moment to get a can. Thankfully, I held out until around 11:45, but that was as long as I had in me. I could barely contain myself on the way to Shoppers, and I surely couldn’t get back to the office fast enough! Those little O’s are SO rockin’ good!

Now, let’s have a chat about how one eats said SpaghettiOs. It’s going to be like the old “There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s” commercials. Let me tell you, my friends, that if you’re heating your SpaghettiOs, you’re missing out. Life could be simple; all you need is a can opener and plastic spoon. No, a metal spoon won’t do. Open the can and dig in! No need for a bowl. No need to heat. Open and eat!

I’ll be joyfully eating SpaghettiOs for lunch for the next week or so, and I can hardly wait! For now, I’ll toss the can I just gobbled up and move on about my day with a full, happy belly!


2 responses to “uh oh, SpaghettiOs®

  1. julyshemustfly

    No, not cold. They must be scalding hot in a bowl filled to the very top. Oh, and a side of buttered white bread is a must to wipe out the bowl when your finished eating the tasty Os.

  2. Hey Jenn! 🙂 How are you? I’ll agree for sure on the side of buttered white bread, and it has to be ridiculously fresh! Although I just eat it, and don’t use it to wipe out my … can! 🙂

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