So I got the thumbs up from my photography professor over the weekend, and the “with precautions okay” from the White Coats today, as well! Rock on, I’m finishing out the semester, and maybe even Spring, too! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the freak in the darkroom wearing a mask, gloves and full skin covering – woohoo!

On a separate note, I’m slowly but surely sharing with people I think should know. It’s been so much fun, and so hard to keep it from others. I almost gave myself away twice today … or maybe I gave it away and don’t know it yet. A co-worker caught me carrying Sprite and saltines and asked if I was okay. My think-on-my-feet response? “Oh yeah, it’s just all I have and I’m starving.” Come on, you idiot. You just came back from the grocery store! About an hour later, we were talking about how hot it was in the office. I said, “I can’t handle it these days.” Huh? First of all, it’s not true – complete diarrhea of the mouth. Second of all, I had to recover! I think I told her I was just tired of it being cold then hot, as it’s always frigid in our office. Sh!t, Min!

Thank goodness I have my blonde hair to use as an excuse! Otherwise, I’d be SOL!


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