bubble 03 … 09.11.08

*** I’m sorry in advance for the length of this post! I promise they’ll normally be shorter, but a lot has happened! ***

Much more exciting news today! We’ll get to see and meet the bubble on October 6th! The day will be complete with bubble pictures and sounds … i.e. sonogram, people! It’ll be before my first appointment with one of my White Coats! Yes! Nope, not excited at ALL! Not … at … all!

IMG_0899 Yesterday was my nephew Kannon’s birthday. Both of the boys are getting SO big so fast! It was fun to think back to the day he arrived – it was totally amazing, and still gives me chills and makes me cry to this day. I still remember what it felt like to first walk into Michelle’s room and meet him, then to hold him for the first time. Some memories never fade, and thank goodness for that! Those two ROCK and have the keys to my heart!

So last night I crashed Kannon’s (and Jason’s!) birthday party at Michelle’s parent’s house. Justin and I went over to give Kannon his presents and say HI on his birthday. I’m not sure what was more fun … the chapstick or the excitement over the orange box in the Cars bag (Shoot, I didn’t even remember to remind them that the car’s eyes light up!)! It was great to see both of the boys, although it just wasn’t long enough! Magnum didn’t want us to go home; as I was giving “see ya” kisses, he kept asking, “Where you going?” When I told him I had to go take care of Little and then go home, he asked if I was coming home to his house. Oh buddy, I wish I could!

I simply couldn’t wait to tell Michelle, and I was nervously excited from the time we walked in the door. The boys opened their presents, and then I told Michelle I had a surprise for her. I told her, “Close your eyes and hold out your paw.” She did, and in her hand, I placed an orange ant. She opened her eyes and said, “Why are you giving me an ant?” It took several seconds for her to figure it out, and after that, it was all over – there was hugging, crying and total excitement! I know she’s been waiting for this moment for a while now, and from my perspective, it was perfect. What a memory! I don’t know who will more enjoy these next 35+ weeks – me or her! He he!

This morning brings a new feeling … I’m more nauseous! Yay! Thankfully, it’s not terrible all day … yet. I was feelin’ rough until around 8:30 or so. Still a little icky, but nothing bad. Man, I hope it stays this way, but I just don’t think the odds are in my favor! Besides that and the feeling that my bottom half is about to drop out (I know, I know, it’s only the beginning!), all’s well! Oh, and the mouth-full-of-saliva to suddenly dry-as-a-desert phenomenon is just great.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the plan for the rest of the “news rollout.” It’s in no particular order, just when we can see them. I just can’t do it over the phone.
– Mindy’s parents – Saturday @ dinner
– Mindy’s sisters April & Alice – Saturday @ dinner
– Justin’s parents – Sunday after they return from NC
For my sisters, we also have ants. For our parents, we have photo albums with pictures of the positive test. Corny, I know, but it’s the best balance I’ve come up with between an over the phone reveal and the “I just can’t wait any longer!” feeling inside of me!

I went to Target yesterday and stocked up on the beloved prenatals and the essential What to Expect When You’re Expecting … plus mini packs of Goldfish for the car nausea! And yes, I DID peruse the baby section, but only briefly! I can’t go getting all crazy … yet!

IMG_5943 Another funny story. I had the pictures for the parents albums developed at Wal-Mart. I sent the files online and went to pick them up yesterday afternoon. What’s written on the envelope? “Congrats!” Ha! Too cute!

P.S. – I’m dying to put pictures up here, but I can’t upload them to Flickr or people will figure it out! Argh! If I can find a workaround, I’ll let you know!

Note: I think I got the picture thing figured out. If you don’t see them, let me know … I’ll try again!

P.S.S. – I was on my way to set up for a trade show yesterday and I heard the end of Faith Hill’s new song, A Baby Changes Everything. Looking at the lyrics now, I see it’s not 100% applicable, but just the song title had me! It took everything I had to fight back the tears the whole way there! Oh my!

P.S.S.S. – I stopped taking my happy pill as of today, so if I’m a real b!tch, please bear with me! I promise to go back on it when this adventure is over! (Yeah, I’m scared of me, too.)


One response to “bubble 03 … 09.11.08

  1. I am so excited I can’t stand it! These next 35 weeks are going to be so much fun. Well…for me at least. I hope you love being pregnant as much as I did. The first time is the best! What an experience! You have a baby in your belly, what a miracle! Aaaahhhhh! Love you all!

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