bubble 02 … 09.10.08

So he knows! When I got home from class, he and Cody were already home. He had surprises for me from NC, so we headed upstairs so I could get them. After his turn with giving out the surprises, it was my turn. As we were walking down the steps, I told him, “While I get your surprise ready, can you get my bag out of the car? I think my keys are in my purse.” Perfect, because I was walking ahead of him and he couldn’t see the ridiculous smurk on my face! I went into the back bedroom and put my shoes away as he was getting the keys out of my purse. I walked out as he started heading to the car. He looked at my keys and said something about the amount of “stuff” on my keychain. He he! I looked at him funny, and he looked at the keys. He read the blue one … “baby.” He read the pink one … “baby.” He looked at me, I gave him a sneaky smile, and he said, “Are you?” His face lit up, and that was it! There was lots of hugging and excitement!

Just to be sure, I polished off the box, doing a second “test.” Yep, same result as the first, so it’s a sure thing. Oh … my … gosh!!!

More news … just called for my first appointment and she said I’ll have a sonogram then, too! We’ll get to see the bubble! Yippee! Sorry, it’s October 6th.

So far, nothing major is happening … yay! I feel nauseous in the car, but that’s about it. I know the fun won’t last long, and I’ll soon know in more ways than one that I’m pregnant, but for now, I’m excited that I’m feeling good and starting to share the news!

IMG_5929 IMG_5920


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