word of the week: 8/25/08 & 9/1/08


8/25 … attenuate: [v: uhten-yoo-eyt]
To reduce in force or weaken; to make thin; to make less virulent; to decrease the amplitude of.

9/1 … assassinate: [v: uhsasuh-neyt]
To murder suddenly or secretively, in particular, a politically prominent person.
Seems like a rather odd word of the week, doesn’t it? Let me explain where we came up with this one. My husband and I were discussing the subject of assassination, and I curiously asked, “What’s the difference between assassination and murder?” Of course, I know that the murder of a political figure, as well as a murder for hire, are typically referred to as assassinations. I just didn’t know if that was the actual difference. Turns out, that’s all there is to it!

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