i can’t believe it …

It’s totally amazing. We’ve been talking about building a shed for years. My fantastic husband has had drawings for the planned 14′ x 16′ building with loft done for years. So, you may be asking, what’s the holdup? Umm, procrastination. The trench has been done for almost a year. Parts of it have collapsed twice. The rebar has been half done nearly all summer. Yet, no shed.

This Friday, it’s happening. 7 yards of 6 bag mix without air will be delivered at 8 am. I am SO psyched! I had to do some strategic reasoning to get us to this point, but we’re here! Now it’s time to hope Fay’s remnants are out of the area by then. She’s supposed to dump rain on the area through Thursday night and possibly into early Friday, but that’s it. If she’s here, there’s no concrete. She better not be here.

Why am I so excited about some stinkin’ concrete? This marks the beginning of a new era. A new start. It means tools out of the house and where they belong! It means storage in the attic. With only two closets in the house and a small dirt basement, it makes storage a bit difficult. In fact, it makes organization a bit difficult. Out with the tools, and there’s more space. More organization. Plenty of space for my OCD tendencies. With that, I’m so incredibly excited!

“Fay, Fay, go away! Come again another day!”

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