time flies …

How is it that weekends go so fast, yet the weekdays drag on? I’ve had it!

IMG_5120 This past weekend, I spent all Friday evening running errands … blah. Saturday I did some power shopping with a crazy girl I know and love, and got to hang out with two of the best little people on the planet. I also got to see someone I’ve missed so much and check out her rockin’ engagement ring! Sunday was another day of errands, the gym, cupcakes, and cleaning.

So, I ask, “Where’s the extra day for the rest of the cleaning, planting, leisurely reading on the front porch, and me time?” There’s so much left undone.

Here’s the answer. A very savvy co-worker proposed a four-day work week this morning, and I’m all for it; sign me up. The things I could get done with that extra day! Even one day every two weeks would be fine with me.

Anyone else in? Let’s do this thing! We decided we’d need an office petition to get things moving here. What are you going to do about it? 🙂


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