moments …

Isn’t it awesome when you capture something special and unique at just the right moment? We all have them from time to time, so today, I’m celebrating a few that are near and dear to me. Here are some recent ones, in no particular order …

#1 … This is my very dear buddy, Mr. Bee. He was hanging out on the trash inside an open trash bag; I discovered him after I got home from work. It took a little bit of coaxing, but he moved over from the cardboard he was on to the bubble wrap. We had a blast together!

#2 … Aah, the wonder of a sprinkler!
IMG_4634 copy

#3 … Yes, there is danger in me driving and having a camera nearby. On our way to Georgia, I balanced the camera on the wheel and ended up with this!

#4 … My two amazing nephews! I love this one because first of all, these two are too stinkin’ cute! On a more serious note, there’s movement, action and great expression!
IMG_4666 copy

#5 … Pop! On our way back from a 4th of July trip to Pittsburgh, I occupied myself by taking pictures of anything and everything. That included this one of my husband blowing a bubble with his gum! Poor guy; I know I torture him with the camera.
IMG_4148 copy

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