word of the week: (just catching up)

For several weeks now, my husband has been coming up with a word of the week. I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for learning more. These aren’t necessarily words we don’t know, but those we find we don’t use often enough. I’m forgetting some, but here’s what we’ve got to work with so far …


07.14 … juxtaposition: [n: juhk-stuh-puhzishuhn]
Close together or side-by-side.

06.16 … phosphorescence: [n: fos-fuhresuhns]
Luminosity following exposure to light or other radiation.
I personally loved this word of the week because I’ve been a part of creating phosphorescence. Night dives are the best, and typically, the divemaster has all divers kneel on a patch of sand and turn off their lights. Divers then wave their arms and the phosphorescence “light show” that follows is amazing! It occurs from plankton organisms giving off bioluminescence when disturbed, and subsequently, glowing blue particles can be seen moving throughout the water. Incredible!

06.09 … consist: [n: kon-sist]
The rolling stock, without the locomotive, making up a train.

06.02 … technocracy: [n: tek-nok-ruh-see]
A government controlled by scientists, engineers and technical experts.


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