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the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 2 ~.:|:.

Here we go again … friends, this dog is funny! Here’s the background …

Background note 1: some personality traits on Cody. The hierarchy of our home pack goes as follows:
#1 = “top dog” Justin
#2 = Cody
#3 = me
This is absolutely no joke, and no, I haven’t lost my mind. He truly believes he’s higher than me in our pack hierarchy.

Background note 2: Cody’s not the following type. He does his own thing and spends most of his days on one of his two leather couch cushions. He’ll occasionally lay outside the kitchen watching for a flying piece of food to devour, but otherwise, he keeps to himself. Try to play ball with him and he gets totally confused; he’d rather play alone, throwing the ball himself and either catching or attacking it.

Background note 3: this pooch is a vacuum cleaner. He’ll eat anything. He’s eaten loaves of homemade bread, a whole meatloaf, frozen chicken, a few bags of bagels, and usually manages to eat the trash once a week or so. He loves people food and will find a way to get it if we’re not paying attention. He’s also eaten mink oil, an herb pack, gum, Crocs, lip gloss & chapstick, candles … if it smells good, he eats it.

Okay, here we go. Up at 6:30 and off to the grocery store. Among the other normal groceries were 5 boxes of cake mix and 6 boxes of powdered sugar … cake decorating class. Upon returning home, my morning was spent baking two cakes and making two double batches of icing. Yes, the house smelled SO good! Here’s where we start putting two and two together. Cody had been following me throughout the kitchen all morning long, which, as I mentioned earlier, doesn’t ever happen. You guessed it – he wanted some cake!

Continuing, one cake was dammed, jammed and iced (You make a dam for the jam … got it?), the other placed in the fridge for later icing in preparation for Tuesday evening’s cake class.

So with one cake in tow and the other stored in the fridge, we were certain we were safe. We headed out, feeling we’d Cody-proofed fairly well.

We returned home around 11p or so. Justin took Cody out and I grabbed some things from the car. Sitting things down on the kitchen table, I noticed a white powder sprinkled where I’m standing. The gears are turning at this point, so I turn the light on and it becomes clear; there are paw prints throughout the house and remnants of a cardboard box on the living room rug surrounded by a few small pieces of plastic. Yes, this dog ate an entire box of cake mix! All we could do was laugh – there was cake mix everywhere – in the grooves of the hardwood, matted into the rug, throughout the kitchen, on the couch … everywhere.


Admittedly, it was totally my fault. I didn’t even think about it, and I know him all to well – I really should have known better. For the laughs we had, though, it was well worth the 30 minutes of cleanup we did that night. We figure an entire box of cake mix and the 2 cups of water or so he drank “baking” in his belly at 100-103 degrees (a dog’s normal body temperature) for several hours would make an awfully yummy yellow cake! Sometimes, the humor is just too much to bear …

Note: Yes, I gave him a bite of icing in the morning to top it all off! Would you want a cake without icing? I don’t think so!