playlist 2 …

We’re back for round two, and this time, there’s another hidden theme. A few artists in this mix are near the top of my favorites list – Toby Lightman has an organic sound to her music that I can’t resist, and The Animals Were Gone is among my favorites by Damien Rice. Cruel Sun is a Rusted Root classic, and Take Five: Classic Jazz is great Saturday morning coffee music! Oh, and if you haven’t heard the new Counting Crows album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, it’s great! A bit “noisier” than their previous albums, which is a good thing. Still, though, with that classic Counting Crows signature sound. And while Catie Curtis usually requires me to be in an introspective mood, her music reflects life, telling stories that range from detailed accounts of hard times to some of life’s little successes. She’s amazing!



Song Title … Artist … Album
01. Round & Round … Toby Lightman … Bird on a Wire
02. Half Acre … Hem … Rabbit Songs
03. On Green Dolphin Street … Lifescapes … Take Five: Classic Jazz
04. Finger Lickin’ Good … The Beastie Boys … Check Your Head
05. Space Dog … Tori Amos … To Venus and Back
06. My Generation … Limp Bizkit … Chocolate Starfish & the Hot Dog Flavored Water
07. Insignificant … Counting Crows … Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings
08. Nightingale … Norah Jones … Come Away With Me
09. She Talks to Angels … The Black Crowes … Shake Your Money Maker
10. The Animals Were Gone … Damien Rice … 9
11. That Bug Bit Me … The Mighty Mighty Bosstones … Let’s Face It
12. Crocodile Tears … Catie Curtis … Truth from Lies
13. Cat Turned Blue … Rusted Root … Cruel Sun


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