georgia on my mind …

April brought the promise of a road trip, and a road trip it was! To celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th birthday, it was decided we would all head to Georgia. Why Georgia? To keep it simple and without drawing out the family tree, family is there. They’re fun, welcoming, and also happen to have a gorgeous house!

Day One:
With the dogs off to the kennel for the long weekend, we hit the road. Departure time: 1:50 pm. We got off to a great start, and with the exception of one accident and a surprising sleet/hail storm, the trip was rather uneventful. Thankfully, we arrived in Gainesville, GA unscathed just after 1:00 am.


Day Two:
We awoke to the smell of some seriously amazing breakfast – pancakes, bagels, eggs, grits (Ick!), and cereal. After a quick trip to the outlets, we spent another glorious 7 hours in the car … to Atlanta airport and back. I’ll spare you the profanities and leave the day at that!

Day Three:
Amazing. If you like small, quaint towns with lots to see and do, you’ve got to get to Dahlonega, GA. This place is incredible; like a trip back in time. I’ve got to get back there sometime soon, but minus two things – rain and the men! Here are some of the local shops: Desert Moon Gallery, Dahlonega General Store, Treasures Within, The Glassblowing Shop, Cranberry Corners, Bleu Art Gallery, Studio Jewelers, Vickie Lynn’s, and Massachusetts Bay Trading Company.

The evening was just as fun. Neighbors and friends gathered to celebrate Terry’s 60th, and it was a blast! The evening included a few hilarious attempts at pool, some delicious margaritas, the customized voice and guitar playing of a stand-in “Willie Nelson,” tasty collard greens, and the comedy provided by my two amazing nephews!


Day Four:
“Home again, home again, jiggity jig.” Another 11 hours in the car brought us home around 6:30, just enough time to check on the cat, grab something to eat, and head home to unpack.

Family is great! A huge thanks to Aunt Joyce & Uncle Mike for their amazing hospitality, and to my father-in-law for giving us an excuse to get away and party! Our nephews are always much appreciated, not only for their snuggly love, but for creating unforgettable memories. This time, it was walking backwards up the hill, sneaking the “icning,” and a few good laughs when they said, “Get some balls, Justin!” and “Namim hung like horse!” Finally, I want a German Shepherd! Maverick is adorable! I need two dogs like I need a hole in the head. Oh well, these are the days …


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