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For those of you who are unaware, I’m a music fanatic. While there are times that I do thoroughly enjoy silence, most of my day is filled with a constant flow of music. A day at work without my iPod is depressing and leaves a bit to be desired in the productivity department. Silly, I know, but so terribly true.

My iPod is at present filled with 4,846 songs, and could quickly grow if I wanted to spend the time to transfer the rest of my CDs over. Someday. Until then, I’ll rely on what’s available through iTunes. Stretched out side-by-side, my iTunes wishlist could probably wrap around the world a few times.

Now, for some about today’s playlist. Bob Marley is one of the best for putting me in a good mood; as soon as I hear his voice, I’m back in Grand Cayman, diving and having fun! “C’mon N’ Ride It” is for my nephews, the biggest choo choo fanatics I’ve ever seen! For the smoothest angry song out there, there’s “Indigo Flow.” Plus, it references the Deftones, and who can’t love a song that does that!? Anymore, I’ve got to listen to music from Grey’s Anatomy since I can’t see the show, so there’s “Moon and Sun” by Gomez. And for those sleepless nights, the renowned Ludwig Van Beethoven offers his compositions, sure to soothe even the most restless sleeper. Finally, to make the list feel just right, there are some of my favorites mixed in: Matt Perrone, Toby Lightman and Enya.

Enjoy! Oh, and see if you can figure out the theme of this playlist!


Song Title … Artist … Album
01. Paperback Writer … The Beatles … 1
02. Three Little Birds … Bob Marley … Legend
03. Drive Away … Matt Perrone … With or Without You
04. Hang … Matchbox Twenty … Yourself or Someone Like You
05. C’mon N’ Ride It … Quad City DJ’s … Get On Up and Dance
06. Sweetest Thing … U2 … U218 Singles
07. Rhiannon … Fleetwood Mac … Greatest Hits
08. If Only … The Calling … Two
09. Moon and Sun … Gomez … Grey’s Anatomy, Vol. 3
10. Nothing Lasts Forever … Maroon 5 … It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
11. Weight of the World … Toby Lightman … Bird on a Wire
12. The Last One … Cary Brothers … Who You Are
13. The Riddle … Five for Fighting … Two Lights
14. Indigo Flow … Limp Bizkit … Three Dollar Bill, Y’all
15. Sonata in E Flat Opus 7 … Ludwig Van Beethoven … Beethoven’s Moonlight
16. One by One … Enya … A Day Without Rain
17. Two Pina Coladas … Garth Brooks … Sevens
18. Wings of Forgiveness … India.Arie … Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship
19. One Way … The Bloodhound Gang … Use Your Fingers
20. Voyeur … Blink-182 … Dude Ranch
21. Rockin’ Robin … The Jackson 5 … The Essential Michael Jackson
22. Cumbersome … Seven Mary Three … American Standard
23. California Sun … The Ramones … MOM: Music For Our Mother Ocean


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